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This project is the combined brainchild of Mike Pignéguy, Pete Jeavons and Nathan Winterflood and has grown from its creators' passion for not only jazz and hip-hop, but also funk, drum'n'bass, nu-jazz and world music.

In addition to the three founding members, Salamander perform live with vocalist Sian Brown, while also drawing from a pool of other talented Perth-based musicians such as Glyn MacDonald (keys, trombone), Simon Jeans (guitar, trombone) Carl Mackey (saxes), Troy Roberts (saxes), Paula Graham (vocals), Glyn MacDonald (keys, trombone) and Matthew Jodrell (trumpet, keys). The standard number of performers is usually seven although this is sometimes expanded for special events.

Salamander has performed around Australia as well is in Italy and is an ideal unit for large festivals.


released August 1, 2003

Michael Pigneguy, Nathan 'floods' Winterflood, Peter Jeavons, Sian Brown, Paula Graham, Carl Mackey, Chris Greive, Lo-Key Fu, Trilby Temperley, Matthew Jodrell, Mike Cartwright, Jeremy Greig, DJ Armee, Neil Craig, Tom O'Halloran, Simon Jeans



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Emanating from diverse backgrounds, Mike Pignéguy aka ‘The Sound Sculptor’ [‘Michael Pignéguy Sextet’ (MPS)] Pete Jeavons [‘Thrust’, ‘Frames of Minds’], and Nathan Winterflood [‘Seahorse Radio’, ‘Frisky’] have combined forces to fashion a group that pulls no punches in bringing together amazing musicians and eclectic tastes. ... more

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Track Name: Out West (radio edit)
Open up your mind
Go on get in there, and see what you find
The open places, spaces behind
What you usually think,
What you usually say, hey
Free yourself from it

Verse 1
Your usual headspace is letting you down
Chasing your tail as your turnin’ around
And now that your inside your mind you see
The vast choices of infinity


Rhymes 1
An empty street, dry heat
But you can still feel the movement of invisible feet
Cause we know how to hop to tha beat, hop to tha beat
In a league of your own theres no need to compete
Fellas, fellas, boo-ya, tha queen bellas
Get ready for a night don’t sit tight always,
Feelin’ all right, girl what do ya like; Promise I don’t bite
Pretty city if you want some fun in tha sun
Pretty shity if you wana come and get some, but
Party people, still wana get up, with tha get down, Out West, ghost town
Its all about tha spirit, I feel its on,
Millions of people out there waitin’ to hear it
Party people, still wana get up, with tha get down, Out West, ghost town

Verse 2
The usual thoughts that I usually think
I would like to breathe in I would like to drink something different
Operatically open
Something interesting
Sporadically spoken


Rhymes 2
Maby a ghost will make the most of its hoast
More than four places at once I boast
Land scorched like dry toast
As bodys lax on perfect beaches roast
So new, so clean, its obscene
Smokin’ green down south’s like a dream
Lean, keen, mean music machine, Ill always wing it
That’s how I swing it, now watch me bring it to tha next level
Imagery is a mind state, so go create your own landscape
I want a clean slate, no fate, cause when Im through tha gate
No need to debate or contemplate; neva early or late
Party people, still wana get up, with tha get down, Out West, ghost town
Track Name: C Train
Verse 1
So come on and be free; constantly
You’ll soon see; that you hold the key
Cause music, music is an entity
Expression is a lesson you got to be free
Common and feel, what’s other peoples deal
Steal what’s real, if your hungry hears a meal
Music will hit you where you feel no pain
So get on the c - train
You got to be crazy to be sain, in the game, to blame

Music feels no pain, so get on the c – train

Verse 2 (trades)
Co-ordination of a situation
Control room to ground station, whats ya twenty?

Some get permanently eighty sixed, in a sick twist to fix all tha bits

So ya thought I ran away
But Im still hookin’ up with all the good shit every day

Construction of some winning production
Everybody wana touch salamander’s introduction

Were gona leave you behind
As I define a time that’s mine
Drop a line, from a rhyme, so fine, cause Im
Writin’, exicutin’, producin’, I got tha fruit
Im pissin’ all over tha shit cause I was born to make it fit
Smooth, but uh, hard as a rock, cheak tha groove
Year we always on top
I like to take life nice and easy, full steam ahead
The clock hands have gotta be fed

Verse 3 (trades)
So now ya see that we tha bee’s knees
So what’s up, get up, give it up please
We got goin’ on, real strong till the break-o-dawn; so like baby common

Year, cause we bust tha vibes, that bounce tha party
We’ll be in any funky place, where you be
Jamin’ and rockin’ to tha beat
Tha bass found a space in ya pants, so get up and dance
As I work my trance on ya stance

Music feels no pain, so get on the c – train